title: Performer Lineup
Gary Ward aerobatics
Gary Ward Aerobatics

Watching this performance will take your breath away! Gary began his airshow career in 1998...

in a Pitts S2-B. In 1999, he moved to the Giles 202 and in 2006, he became the first pilot to begin flying airshows in the awesome new MX2! The MX2 is the absolute latest in unlimited aerobatic aircraft. It is strong, fast, and very agile! The entire airframe is constructed of aerospace quality carbon fiber to provide maximum strength and stiffness with minimum weight. The MX2 is powered by a Lycoming engine modified by LYCON to produce more than 350 HP! Please check out our website for more information about one of the most exciting and entertaining performances you will ever see in any aircraft.

Greg Connell plane
Greg Connell

A local pilot, Greg performed his first airshow maneuvers at the 2006 Boshears Skyfest.

Greg grew up in North Augusta, SC, and he is a member of EAA Chapter 172. His first flight instructor was none other than Al Patton and also a protégé of Gary Ward, In addition Greg serves part-time on the crew for the Ward Airshow Team.

Glory Days Jet Dragster
Glory Days Jet Dragster

You'll feel the need for speed--the Jet Dragster can really fly!

Greg Koontz Super D
Greg Koontz Super D

The Lycoming AEIO-360 engine with 180 horses, inverted fuel & oil systems and large--for an up front and down low performance.

Greg Koontz flies this popular plane through a solo aerobatic routine that demonstrates its agility with a full set of outside loops, vertical rolls, snaps & tumbles and inverted passes. The grand finale is a down low, in the dirt inverted ribbon cut!

Alabama Boys 1946 Piper J-3 Cub
Greg Koontz & The Alabama Boys

“Flown in the 1946 Piper J-3 Cub, this act begins as Greg - farmer Clem Cleaver - climbs up on the announcer's stand, demanding a flight lesson.

Later in the show, he "steals" the plane and takes off alone, with his whole crew chasing. Grandpa shoots off a tire to get him down, and Clem lands on his pickup truck as it races down the runway.

Vertigo Airshows
Vertigo Air Shows

The SubSonex MicroJet is capable of speeds of 300 mph, and can perform all the classic aerobatics, including maneuvers like tailslides, normally considered tabo in a jet.

Team RV
Team AeroDynamix

Team AeroDynamix fills the sky with a stunning display of precision formation aerobatics that engages audiences from start to finish...

with a graceful, powerful, and exciting aerial demonstration. From the moment Flight Lead and Team Founder Mike "Kahuna" Stewart calls "smoke on" in the opening burst, Team AeroDynamix masterfully maneuvers its fleet through air show center to create an action adventure performance for spectators. No other air show act in the world puts as many aircraft before the crowd at one time as does Team AeroDynamix. The resulting nonstop action is one reason spectators rate this show among their favorites, said Stewart. "From the ground, people watch all of us flying into and out of difficult formations right in front of them, and they share the same sense of anticipation and exhilaration that we feel up in the air," he said.

title: Static Displays
  • Hot Wheels, too! The GaSCar Antique Automobile Club will hold a car show on Saturday, October 17th. Members' cars run the automotive spectrum from "horseless carriage" to "muscle car", so no matter your favorite you'll find them at this years' show.

    Red Convertible Classic Antique Mustang

  • You Can Ride For the brave at heart, you can take a ride in a Huey Helicopter or a Monster Truck...or both!

    Huey Helicopter    Monster Truck Rides

title: Vendors

Calling all vendors... If you are interested in having your business provide services or to be a food vendor at the 2015 Skyfest, please fill out the vendor agreement below:

Should have any additional questions regarding Commercial and/or Food Vendor information, please contact Doug Rhodes, Director of Vending Operations, at 706-833-1233.

2006 Crowd Looking Up